Introductory Episode
What can you expect from the show

About us

SALES Network1, a breakthrough podcast show by Sebastian Vivacqua, brings a wholesome approach to the art and science of selling. It is a modern show with a global outreach that intents to give a voice to sales heroes, growth addicts and rising stars from different regions and industries. You will hear different strategies, methodologies and techniques which you can use towards your limitless growth potential.

About The Host

This Latino has had a fiery passion for sales since childhood. His sales journey started in South America with bread and butter, literally. After tasting his grandfather’s homemade recipe, he ran out to the local markets and sold it out of pure love. Since then, his sales instincts have taken him across multiple continents through various roles focused on customer service and sales. Building genuine relationships with customers is his oxygen and the most rewarding part of the job. 


For Sebastian, Selling is both an art and science. It is an innate part of human nature that goes back centuries, and it’s a skill that goes beyond the commercial realm. It has never been more crucial to nurture and refine non-selling sales skills throughout people’s lives. 

We turn more and more to technology, but one thing that has never changed is the human desire to make real connections.

"Be passionately curious, limitless growth and knowledge are awaiting you"

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